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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

We was walking with the ghosts

Run Run Run has made use of our time this tour by tooling around each city, looking into the past. Trying to go where American ghosts may still be lurking. It all started at the ALAMO!

Our first show of the tour was in San Antonio, and while the other boys slept, when my eyes opened, I just knew that if Pee Wee did it, then so was I. I was surprised to find that the Alamo was located right in the center of the city, flanked by a Haagen-Dazs and a sandwich shop. It was 8:30 a.m. and I parked out van right in front where the siege must have happened, and the guns must have all fired. I got out, walked up to the entrance... it was closed. Just me, the Alamo security chick, and some Japanese tourists shooting photos of me staring at the locked gate. So, I walked the entire wall in a circle, and drove off to pick up the guys.

Dallas was a little spookier. After sound check we scooted right down the exact street of the club, Elm street, to find the infamous Daly square. "Back and to the left...back and to the left" Cisco, our drummer, kept repeating. There we were standing at the JFK assassination spot. This time I insisted that if we really wanted to creep it up, we should walk over to the alleged spots of the gunmen. So, standing in the grassy knoll was a bit eerie.

New Orleans' French Quarter proved to be an adventure. Playing the House of Blues was quite an honor, and after the show we made good use of the local offerings. Doug and Francisco held open beers in the busy street just because they were allowed, Nic and Alek noticed all the drunk LSU frat boys stumbling up Bourbon Street, but I could help but to point out ALL the fascinating windows that rest on the second and third floors above what are now Gaps, and tourist traps below. Only one thing went through my mind... damn they had a lot of French hookers up in here!

In Florida, the best I could do was ask where I could find ex-Dolphin Bob Griesie or even that Black quarterback from Tampa Bay that ruled in the 80s, Doug something... No one knew, and kept talking about some new thing called the HEAT. I was like, who? I stopped watching sports for drugs in the like 1991. I did, however, get lost on a total crack street in Tampa, just outside Ybor City, and there were real life zombies there for sure! One guy was standing in the middle of street selling two broken vacuum cleaners to no one, at 2 a.m.

We descended on Philadelphia last Sunday. First order of business was to run up the ROCKY steps. When we got to the top, we realized we were facing the art museum and found out it was free that day. Inside we took a guided tour and found ourselves staring at battle armor from the Medieval period. Masks and grills and chest plates and knives and axes and spears oh my! All I could think about was all the ways one could try to break through to the flesh. Crushing and stabbing through until your enemy lay dead inside his fancy, silver costume! Then, we went searching for the Liberty bell and then thought maybe Ben Franklin had a late night fling up against it. He did have like 17 kids and a nasty STD when he finally kicked off. No bell, just cheese steaks instead. Over all, Philly was full of ghosts and lots of fun to drive around. We got to see the store front that was featured in the hit movie, Mannequin, and best of all, annoy locals asking, "Do you know where we can find the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?"

Stay tuned for BOSTON, NYC, DETROIT, HENRY HUDSON, and more...

Xander Smith - RUN RUN RUN

Monday, October 8, 2007

philly and boston

hey friends.. so we are now in boston! the weather's great right now. about 60 degrees, and totally brisk. feels awesome after all the heat and humidity! jeez, we figured going out in the fall would keep us away from heat, but it hasn't.. until now!

philly was awesome! i (cisco) had never been there before. what a beautiful city.. great architecture, rich history. we went to the philadelphia museum of art... it was pretty amazing. so inspiring and meaningful. we went on the best day too.. sunday, when you 'pay what you wish' to get in. they had such amazing installations too.. luckily we had a great tour guide that told us all we needed to know in just an hour! i'll get some pictures posted as soon as we upload them. did i mention we ran up the 'rocky' stairs in front of the musuem? that was awesome! coincidentally, they are showing a 'rocky marathon' today on spike tv.. :)

the show was awesome too! we had a great time with gliss & the ropes. great venue, too... the room & stage were great, and the sound guy was doing an excellent job. twas a good gig.

we drove straight out of philly after the show, though.. we decided we rather chill in boston for a day at our friend mary's house. great friends, great house! feels good to just relax for a day.

thanks to all the friends that have come out to the shows recently! this tour has been amazing so far.. see you all soon!

Taking Care of my New Tattoo on Tour

Yea pretty much nothing like being on tour across the entire country with my band and brother. I finished my sleeve on my left arm the day before I left for tour. What a mission trying to keep a clean wound while playing shows, sleeping in a van and being in a hot muggy south. To do the job, I brought a small travel size spray bottle with some antibacterial dial soap and water. That and a roll of paper towels, saran wrap and Eucerin Aquafore healing lotion. No lotion the first 2 days, just keeping it clean and moist and wrapped in plastic wrap when sleeping. Then applying a little aquafore to keep it moist a couple of times a day. Other than that, listening to the entire Journey discography from last to first helps quite a bit. But hey, thats just me...

pics from sparta show

here are a couple of pics from the sparta show in new orleans... the top pic is from the outside of HOB, the bottom pic is a shot of jim (lead singer of sparta) & xander enjoying a couple of ice cold (well, at least chilled) amstel lights...