Run Run Run

Run Run Run

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

great show in Dallas

what a long day... driving for 5 hrs and playing at midnight... just now getting ready to go to sleep. we had a great show at DADA... cool vibe, cool people. you know they stop selling beer at liquor stores at midnight?? what's up with that? oh, and did you know there are actually signs in downtown dallas that state,
"keep dallas clean... DON'T give money to bums, DON'T feed them, DON'T let them wash your windows..."
that's hardcore! texas is something else, that's for sure...

so we drove on the exact spot JFK was assassinated in... we actually were on the 'grassy knowle'!!! crazy...

alright, that's it for tonight.. gonna get some rest. good night!


Check out the band's feature on Austin blog:
Both Sides of the Mouth

Monday, September 24, 2007

what a drive!

jeez, texas is such a long state to drive in... seriously! finally got to our hotel, smelly and hungry. probably go and take a quick dip in the pool before we play tonight. nic's pissed though, cause of his new tattoo he's not allowed in the pool! ask him about his tat... it looks great!

so yes, we are in san antonio safe and sound!

much love,


oh yeah, i forgot to say... we saw some shooting stars, satellites, and quite possibly a UFO out there in the phoenix sky (always down to see some aliens!) quite a beautiful night they have here.. very relaxing... nothing like the beautiful smog nights we have in LA, but it will have to do!

on the road...

so here we go! on the road again... pretty excited to go out and see the good ol' u.s. of a. we are currently in phoenix, eating homemade burgers and having a couple of dos equis beers. we're not playing tonight, just getting some rest before we get to ATOMIX in san antonio, texas. i haven't really spent much time in texas (this is francisco, by the way).. the most time i spent in texas was when i was on the 10 freeway driving over to los angeles from miami when i first moved out to the west coast.... and i'll say, texas sure is huge! it feels like you're driving forever and getting nowhere! i'm just glad it's not as hot as it was a few weeks ago... my computer would probably blow up if it was that hot!

how many of you guys over in san antonio are coming out tomorrow night? it's gonna be a fun time! it's a FLAMING LIPS after party.. so it's gonna be great. anybody out there have any funny/cool san antonio stories?? i'd love to know what we're getting into..

alright, i think i'm gonna lay down for a few minutes before we head back out on the road... we've got a few hundred miles and a lot of gas between phoenix and san antonio.. see you guys over there!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

L.A. Times Buzz Bands TODAY!

Click the pic to see the blog!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Run Run Run on the Amateur Chemist

It is rare to see smoke machines and extra floor lighting at the Detroit Bar. Run Run Run brought their "A" game with a big stage setup to accompany their even bigger sound. I was reminded of an Echo and The Bunnymen vibe crossed with some "Purple" era Stone Temple Pilots as they charged through their set. (more)

KROQ interview, Safari Sam's Sept 19th and new dates!!!

Check the Run Run Run pages (myspace, virb, imeem,...) for new tourdates! Great show last night in San Diego -- Thanks to everyone who came out! Don't forget to send us an email if you'd like to be on the guestlist for Safari Sam's to get in for only $5 for the show on Sept 19th...

Sunday, September 9, 2007


WHAT DOES SMASHING PUMPKINS, THE DARKNESS and RUN RUN RUN all have in common, other than singers who love classic rock, fancy light shows, and very loud guitars?
Well, the answer is, we have all recently held court with legendary rock producer, Roy Thomas Baker. RUN RUN RUN just got back from LAKE HAVASU, AZ on FRIDAY SEPT 7 and among the amazing locals who came out to support Rx3, Roy brought an entourage to rock out with us at a local bar called MADDOG'S.

RTB first gained fame and fortune by finding Freddie Mercury (singer of QUEEN for all of you too young to know the greatest frontman ever) in a shoe shop, and upon hearing his band in a garage, signed Queen to a deal to record such classics as BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (the wayne's world song, again for the kids). He also brought us THE CARS, JOURNEY, and many others. I used to play in a band called OTHERSTARPEOPLE, and A&M records paired us up with RTB, and we went out to Lake Havasu to record in his amazing desert studio. Our efforts were shelved as A&M records got sold. But RTB resurfaced by working with UK's THE DARKNESS last year and now SMASHING PUMPKINS this year.

Roy said he really liked our newest song, FONTANA, and we caught him tapping his toe to WIRE and SKYSCRAPER. It was a lot of fun, to have Rx3 play for a long time friend and rock and roll icon. Billy Corgan must have had a blast asking about all those Queen and CARS stories! I know I did.