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Run Run Run

Friday, August 31, 2007


Thanks to Indie 103.1 for a great show last nite!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hollywood & Highland TONIGHT!

Just a friendly reminder about the show tonite!

We'd like to thank Indie 103.1 for being so kind to us and inviting us to play the show and we'd like to thank Discrevolt for hooking us up so we could provide you with a chance to get your hands on a digital copy of the Good Company ep!

The first 100 people to get to the show tonite at Hollywood & Highland will receive a card redeemable online for a free copy of the ep which you can load straight into iTunes!

Thanks so much, as always, for your support!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sunset Junction in LA? - Xander can't come out & play

HI. Its Xander Smith from RUN RUN RUN. And this is what happens when you try to go to Sunset Junction if you are me this year.

I was excited to see the lineup of bands playing the 2007 installment of SUNSET JUNCTION street fair in Silverlake, CA. I used to work at this show, as a runner, just to be involved. One year, I was actually the guy who got to close down Sunset Blvd at midnight the day before, so they could construct the fair. Imagine that, getting to walk out onto the biggest street in your hometown, and just stand in the middle of it, and say, "STOP! We're closing this down!" In a PJ HARVEY t-shirt no less.

This time around, my band, RUN RUN RUN, wasn't on tour, I wasn't on holiday with the folks, and I didn't have to work, so I thought I could finally go and just relax and enjoy myself. I got so worked up about going that I couldn't sleep the night before. Really! I'm that much of a dork. I started to think about ex-girlfriends that I might run into, and that got me a little anxious, but then I paid no attention. The temperature was a record breaking, and I heard reports of people passing out on the hot pavement, but that was no obstacle. My other friend called and said, there's absolutely no parking, and we can't seem to buy any water anywhere. All reasons, to perhaps skip the event, as I considered driving over there (on about 3 hours of sleep). But, NO, Xander Smith was going despite all the warnings of discomfort.

I got in my little truck and started heading to Silverlake. I had the AC blasting and U2's "With Or Without YOu" came on the radio. I was enjoying my cool capsule of 80s rock nostaglia, and then as I made my way to exit for the street fair, some force greater than me, took my hands and made me quickly turn left, unexpectedly. This was problematic because it was all the way from the far right hand lane, in front of 2 other lanes of traffic that included a city bus, that came 15 feet from creaming me, and not to mention, that it was onto a one way street going in the opposite direction of my vehicle! WOW! duh!!
Seconds later, I crashed into the far curb of the intersection, destroying the right side of my truck. The tires were mangled and blown, the alignment all screwed up, and I sat that, the street now hauntingly empty, thinking, "That happened!" I wonder what horrible fate awaited me if i HAD made it to the show??

Well, i laughed. I was in a bit of shock, but called a tow company. They came around about 45 minutes later. The tow truck driver, Alejandro, said, "Woah, man. you really fucked this shit up! Did a cat run out in the street or something?" I said, "No, God wanted to keep me from going somewhere, but he thought a bolder would be too obvious, so he made me drive into a curb so my car coulds move forward." I think I creeped him out with the God stuff, even thought he, of course, had a huge, plastic Jesus on his dashborad. He drove me and my sad little car back home to Culver City, CA. So... uh.... no Sunset Juction for Xander this year! waaah waaaah

Xander Smith - Culver City, CA

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How the lyrics to "Good Company" came to be...

I suppose the lyrics to our new ep title track, "Good Company" is a ode to unrequited love-an unoriginal, yet persistent theme in many of our lives. My hopeless romantic quest for a significant other, has always fallen on deaf ears and cold hearts, as I may have the most broken radar around when it comes to picking girls. It's really all BROOKE SHIELDS' fault. Damn her for being 2 dimensional. I really thought i had a chance when i was 7. I loooooved her. Eventually, when i realized she would never come down off the movie screen and be with me in Phoenix, AZ where I lived at age 7, i decided to try approaching real life girls that i had actually met in person. From about 10 til now, they all stayed pretty on the outside, but rotten on the inside. How could they be so cruel to me? Oh, you might ask, did I have anything to do with these soured romances? Well, most certainly i did. So, I had to get real tough about my next decision or my days as a romantic were finished. I realized that I needed a gal who was not only lovely and easy on the eyes, but had fortitude, uprightness, could be flexible but unbreakable, solid to the core- a mate who never nagged or begged or wallowed- a real charmer! And then, it happened. One day I was walking down a business street in fabulous Culver City, CA. I looked in the window of dress shop and she stared back at me. "Plastic Fantastic, she's standing six foot tall. So classic, elastic" and soon we were to be "bouncing off the walls." Now this may seem odd to you, inhuman, even deranged. However, it's been no less than enchanting. I wont get into any specifics, because my personal life IS none of your business. But, before you pass judgment on our new love, you might want to spend an evening in my living room, and let yourself look upon me and mine, relaxing on our couch, watching the Tube, and laughing and loving, together..."sitting pretty... Look what good company has done for me!"


RUN RUN RUN - "GOOD COMPANY", lyrics by Xander Smith
(c) 2007 RUN RUN RUN

Monday, August 6, 2007

Lookie who made the front page...

of imeem!

Check out this playlist...

And don't forget to head out to the Viper Room tonite to catch the Indie 103.1 Check One Two show featuring Run Run Run and Mighty Six Ninety.


Friday, August 3, 2007

Xander plays with the Violent Femmes!

"Xander rocks on stage last night with the Violent Femmes at House of Blues Anaheim. He played the melodica with the infamous, Horns of Dilemma. Pictured here after the show with VF supergirl, Elda"

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Hey there everyone. We are now open for business at Come find us and say hello.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007